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I "Like" it

By Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ok, Instead of going to sleep like i desperately should, I am searching as usual! But the late hours do not go to waste since I found this ultra fab new website, might even be my new window shopping obssession. Check it out like.com. It is a must see, I'll give the key features but it is a visual thing! Key Features of Like.com Include:
Likeness Search - the ability to search by image instead of text;
Like Detail - finds items that have a specific feature you like (such as a buckle, straps, bezel, etc); Like Color - find color variants of the item you desire;
Like Celebrity - find clothing, shoes and accessories similar ones worn by celebrities;
Like Upload - upload photo of your favorite item and find similar products, coming soon.

Such a good idea..Love it!! Know you will too!!

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