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How to Iron a Perfect Shirt

By Monday, June 16, 2008

So since this question seems to be one that comes up on a daily basis with my clients, I thought why not post some quick tips..since it has taken me years to perfect ironing a shirt(and my husband still brings his to the tailor). Here it goes:
1. Always start with the label, see what type of material it is and if it is ok to iron, your iron will lead you to the right temp.
2. Make sure there is water in your iron for steam, since it will help to remove the wrinkles quicker. I also use starch but that is only when I want the shirt extra crisp, don't over do it cause it can cause discoloration.
3. Ironing board is key, if you don't have one get one, they make the small table top ones, that are great!
4. Place the shirt facedown, start with the collar face down, iron the back of the collar first, then move to the front.
5. Iron the cuffs inside first then outside, **make sure they are unbuttoned.
6. Flip the shirt to the front and work with each panel of the shirt, moving from edges in, in smooth even strokes.
7. Flip the shirt to the back, position as much of the back on the flat surface of the board, work from side to side to cover entire back.
8. Hang immediately, and try to use a cushioned hanger, avoid the mental/wire ones.

Hope these are helpful...for more tips and how to's send e-mail to info@belladawn.com.


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