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Simple Denim Tips

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In this world of the denim obbsessed, it can sometimes be a tricky task finding just the right pair. There are so many choices between fit, color, and overall style anyone can become overwhelmed. Here are some great tips to finding just the right pair!
  • The most flattering style are a straight leg or boot-cut both give the illusion of a longer leg, both style seem to move with the trends.
  • If you want to do the trendier skinny leg they are for one’s with a thinner leg, worn with a cute ballet flat or high heel. if you must and don’t quit have the slim leg for them try tucking them in to a high boot. Remember skinny jeans will draw attention to your bottom and thighs if these are not your favorite parts, stay away.
  • Low-rise are popular and are a better way to go that the the “mom” jeans but look for a pair that don’t gap in the back and if they do…please remember to get them tailored to fit you, not too tight you don’t want the muffin top(stomach/skin bulge over the top), not sexy.
  • Resist the extremely low rise which only result in underwear exposure and no one wants that.
  • The new wide leg styles are ultra flattering to most shapes, and can hide most flaws, look for a pair with a mid or low rise waist, and fitted on your bottom, the leg should get wider from mid-thigh down and the new style lengths skim the ground, but don’t drag.
  • For the of the moment high rise denim which is extremely fashionable this season, remember you don’t want to look like you brought out an old pair from high school, so look for the newer styles with pleated fronts or corset style tops. These take careful execution to wear and are truly for the daring fashionista’s, I don’t recommend going out and buying a pair if your not ready to flaunt your style.
  • Stretch Denim can be a godsend if used at your discretion, many denim designer’s like Kasil make fabulous stretch denim jeans that are great for many body styles. You want to make sure when trying a pair on that you don’t feel like you are squeezing into them. Test them out can you walk around with out them gapping in the back, can you bend your knees, can you breathe?
  • All denim will stretch when worn a few times, so make sure you buy them slightly tighter, you don’t want to wear them and at the end of the day have the “saggy butt”!
  • Heavier bottom ladies should avoid very large pockets and designed patterns, for that matter I don’t suggest any one buy jeans with patterns anywhere, keep them simple and chic.
  • Don’t look for specific sizes just because you wear a 32 in one pair of pants doesn’t mean that is your size to buy in all, so many designers cut their denim to fit slightly different so an american pair that is a size 26 maybe be a european size 40.
  • You must try them on, you will have a hard time looking at a pair and knowing if they fit, so many times I have look at a pair that looked so small, and I try them on and the fall off, and vice versa.
  • Most jeans must be hemed, and for that matter make sure you go to a tairlor who knows how to hem demin, if not you will have a crazy color stiching with the wrong size fold, which changes the whole look.
  • If you haven’t noticed a large part in looking great in anything is allteration I can not express how important it is to have a good tailor on call, you will find they can work miracles.
  • Darker washes are always more flattering and create a more put together look, they are better for casual Fridays, and going out for cocktails. I suggest staying away from light washed denim, they tend to look more casual as well as colors, unless you are comfortable with the trends and are looking for a unique style.
  • The question of distressed denim always seems to come up, and if you are looking for a designer who does it right go for True Religion, Seven, Deisel, Joe’s Jeans, and Hudson. Cheaper distressed denim tend to look just like that cheap! If you see any type of stripes, streaking, or splothes on thighs or in hip crease stay away.
  • Finally DO NOT mix and match denim, it should never ever be worn from head to toe or on the top and bottom at the same time.

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