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Town & Country code's for fashion faux pas

By Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I was reading Town and Country tonight and came across a cute article called Overexposed! basically how some employees have taken office style to the next level with plunging necklines and short shorts. What caught my eye was a cheeky list of fashion faux pas:

Raisinitis: Two protrusions that sprout when a woman is exposed to cold or her top is too tight-or both.(also known as smuggling raisins..lol)
Muffin Top: Bulges of fat that overlap a lowered waistband.
Whale Tail: A thong that protrudes above the waistband of low cut jeans.
Camel Toe: When pants mold to the anatomy, cleaving and compressiong it...Yikes!
Clothestrophobia: We've all seen this one. A woman overcome with discomfort realizes (too late) that her outfit is too tight.
Smuggling Raisins and molded pants had me giggling...haha

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