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Blackle Energy Saving Google Search

By Friday, September 19, 2008

This is not so fashion related, but something that is becoming increasingly more important to all of us, and if it means saving some $$ I'm in!! What I found while reading a new book I purchased "Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz" was a brief tip on a new search engine just like regular Google but in black. You must check it out www.blackle.com. Blackle's founders basically created a search engine that is more "environmentally friendly". How it works: the black background requires less energy from your computer's monitor, they claim it has saved over 383,294 watt hours of power so far, which leads me to what I said before, if I am saving all this energy, my energy bill will be lower, my computer will last longer, and what does that mean for me..but of course NEW SHOES!!!

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