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The Duchess with Kiera Knightly

By Thursday, September 18, 2008

I was lucky enough to receive an invite to an advance screening of the new film The Duchess staring Kiera Knightly on Tuesday night! before I get to the movie fashion, I have to say the pre-cocktail was fabulous! As for the fashionable 18th century style film, it was slightly reminiscent of Marie Antoinette, which to me means the fashion were simply stunning, and amazing to see what women went through with the corsets and such to look chic.

Georgiana was the "it" girl in England during the 18th century she was ravishing, glamorous and loved by the entire country, and what is the essence of a true "it"? Well fashion and style of course..and Georgiana gets a glamorous thumbs up for her taste and class. Here are some of my favorite looks form the film!


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