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Jessica Yorkin Interview

By Thursday, September 11, 2008 , , , , ,

I was lucky enought to interview Jessica Yorkin for one of my many other blogs, and I thought why not post it here too for all my fab readers!! Jessica has some amazing style, check her out..

D: What inspires you?
J: I'm inspired by many people-from Mary-Kate Olsen to Emmanuelle Alt + Erin Wasson. I think the whole French Vogue team is so brilliant + the way model's put clothes together is really inspiring. But what really inspires me the most are things from nature-flowers have such an amazing beauty to them. The ocean is transfixing as well. Fairies, feathers, architecture + modern sculpture is all very very mindblowing. Art also gets me excited about fashion-classical art from Renoir + a lot of modern art by Hanns Hoffman and Basquiat

D: What is your favorite fall trend?
J: For Fall, I really love the whole modern-grunge idea. The effortless layering + slightly undone look is pulled together with avant garde shoes + sculptural jackets. I'm also loving all the Dark Florals!

D:Describe your signature style?
J:My style is still changing and evolving-some days I feel whimsical + airy, and the next day it'll be the total opposite: minimal + sleek. Though lately I've sort of been feeling a little dark and quirky (if that makes sense) picture leather skinnies, feathered headbands, kooky vintage sunglasses, sharp blazers + ankle booties (I love my new Balmain moccasin-heels!)

D:What designer do you adore?
J:Designers I adore? Wow-quite a few! My top favorites are Azzedine Alaia, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Balmain, Chloe + Yves Saint Laurent. The Row also has terrific basics.

D:Who is your favorite celebrity muse? Why?
J:Mary-Kate Olsen because she isn't afraid to push the boundaries-I guess she's sort of a muse because she wears what she loves and doesn't think twice about what other people are thinking

D:What shoe trends do you like? Dislike?
J: I love ankle boots-thick heavy ones by Yves Saint Laurent + pointed-toed latex versions by Balenciaga. I'm very specific with my tastes, I guess. I don't really take into consideration which trends are of the moment. Black shoes are always perfect but really edgy, unique versions. You won't see me wearing a plain pump ever!

D:Best Steal? Biggest Splurge?
J:Biggest Splurge-my solid gold Rolex. It's gigantic! Biggest Steal-feathers from a vintage boutique which I constructed into hand-made bracelets and headbands

D:What is your ultimate goal?
J:My ultimate goal? Well, to really find out who i am and explore life to the fullest! I try to take in every day and appreciate each moment. I'd love to work in a fashion magazine-or experiment with styling. My other passions are writing, singing + creating films

D:Do you shop online? Where?
J:Eh, I sometimes shop on line occasionally. No, never mind I shopped on line I think twice in the past year...but the items always come and don't fit properly/don't look like the photos, ect! I prefer seeing it myself !

Thanks Lots Jessica!!!


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