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Must Have's in your Closet Now

By Thursday, September 25, 2008

These 5 items are items you need to have in your closet at this moment without any hesitation! Best part all these items are under $100!!

Finge Boots – Suede Fringe is showing up an everything, finding a pair of cute flat moccasin boots…yum! www.cutesygirl.com $25

Purple Satchel – Every designer has show one in their collection, but you don’t have to break the bank to own one. www.belladawn.com $89

Long Cardigan Sweater – Look in your grandfather’s closet for this one, if not at your local vintage store, that worn cozy look is super chic.
www.nordstroms.com/ $73

Acrylic Geometric Bangles – The bigger the better look for Jewel tones like deep purples, royal blues, and fuschia’s. www.belladawn.com $25

Animal Inspired Bold Rings- As seen on everyone from Rachel Zoe stylist extrodinaire to the front row ladies at fashion week, this is a must.
www.belladawn.com $38

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