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Tennis Player Tote

By Thursday, October 30, 2008 , ,

By: Charissa

For the Traveling Tennis Player I was searching online looking for a feminine yet business briefcase on wheels for trip to NYC, which is coming up very soon. While I was searching I found this adorable piece of luggage from Juicy Couture called “Juicy Couture 'Medallion Estate' Tennis Tote.
“ This is the piece of luggage for the sassy girl‐on‐the‐go who might be playing in a tennis match or just plans to play for fun on the road. And as an extra bonus, it comes with three PINK tennis balls! It makes me wish I played tennis! Enjoy this feminine yet sporty bag from Juicy Couture!

Happy Shopping!

From Charissa Cowart
**Great Holiday Gift too!

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