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New Service Shop Your Closet like a Fashion Editor

By Monday, October 20, 2008 , , ,

Hey lovely's we just added a new service to the menu, and of course wanted you guys to hear about it first! It's "Shop Your Closet Like a Fashion Editor" we give you all the insider secrets to shopping your very own closet, like a fashion editor. We will come to your closet and break it down using these core basics of listing your needs, pick your favorites, listing the essentials of what you have and need, track your shoes, bags, accessories, and we will take picture of different combos to create your personal tear sheets..it's a fun day that accomplishes star studded winning looks for your daily life. If you want more info message us info@belladawn.com or to make your appointment call us up 888-239-3006. Our blog readers get this sweet discount of 50% off the new service, the value is $520!!!

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