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Recession Proof Your Wardrobe

By Thursday, October 30, 2008 , , ,

*Avoid Wire Hangers – They may rust, leave stains, tear clothing, and leave embarrassing dents in the shoulders. Padded and rounded hangers are best, (*cheat tip wrap tissue around your hangers) it will preserve the shape in shoulders and preventing unsightly creases and droopy.

*Fold your Knits- Knitted garments are sensitive, keep them fold, *remember Fold them a little differently each time so they will not develop creases.

*Life of your clothing - Separate laundry by color; try a specialty detergent like “The Laundress” who carry a line of detergents for whites darks & denim, and colors. The better you care for your garments the longer they will last and less you have to purchase.

*Re-Invent Clothing – Take a long skirt and turn it into a belted dress with a long sleeve top underneath

*Re-work Jewelry - Find old pieces from your great grandmother’s jewelry box, attach a bold brooch to and old chain, and connect 2 bracelets to make a necklace.

*Finally - On-line you can find some of the best sales around, with the lowest discounts, free shipping and gift give-a-ways. Why not take advantage of the slow market?

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