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Snub Toe Heels

By Thursday, October 23, 2008 , , ,

Remember just a few seasons ago when pointy‐toed heels were the trendiest in footwear? Everywhere you went everyone was looking for those sexy little shoes that make your pinky toe cry for some air. Well this fall the new trend is squaretoed heels! (Also called snub toe heels.) Heels.com
Wow, what a change. If you had asked me last season about square‐toed heels, I probably would have cocked my head and said, “quare? Really?”But not after seeing Kelly Ripa, from “Live with Regis and Kelly,” sporting the new fashion one morning. If you’re like me, (I wear a size 9 in shoe – I’m a tall girl), then you might be glad to see a shoe trend that will make your foot look ‘little and cute.’ I know I am! Now, don’t go throwing away the pointy‐toed heels just yet. Your pinky toe will have to deal for a little longer because the pointy‐toed heel is NOT out of style. It just means you have to make room for a few square‐toed heels in the closet too. Ok, it’ time for me to go clear out about five spots.

Happy Shopping!

Charissa Cowart

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