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Top 10 Must Have Accessories Under $20

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1. Bow Headbands – As seen on the hottest celebrities and latest TV shows, this is the perfect accessory for a bad hair day! $10 BellaDawn

2. Square Linen Pattern Scarf- One of the latest trends seen on guys girls..even stylish kids! Besides adding a little flair to your outfit, it will last you straight into spring.

3. Skinny Belts – This is an ideal accessory that complete any look. This bow belt is just that add to a simple dress for a cute adornment.$12 KiraPlastinina

4. Oversized Sunglasses - Flaunting a pair of big bold sunglasses are perfect for hiding a late night out, and just looking ultra glam!

5. Wide Cinch Belt- What a perfect way to instantly transform your waist. A wide cinch belt will create the illusion of being a few inches smaller in the waist, and who doesn’t want that?
$20 BellaDawn

6. Luscious Lashes – Beautiful Long Lashes are a must, adding a few individual falsies will give you just the right amount of length to open up your eyes.

7. Statement Watch - Men’s style statement watches are popping up in all the glossy’(magazines), worn with ton’s of bangles, super sweet style.

$15.50 Forever21

8. Taking a hint from the 60’s these delightful headwrap’s, are sweeping the scene, not a bad way to switch up your style either.

9. Sexy Lingerie – A little something underneath it all makes any girl feel sexy, slip into a pair of frilly silk panties and feel fabulous all day.

10. Chunky Cocktail Rings – No one has to know, a big bauble is costume, besides lot’s of millionaires are flaunting faux jewels just for the fun of it. *Hint for free dig into your grandmother’s jewel stash.

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