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Major Fashion Do's and Don't to Start 2009

By Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This is a list that is neccessary, there are always a few major fashion Do's and Don't (unless you are purposely trying something different or you work in the fashion industry)!

1. Find a good tailor, become friends, and work together to look couture in all your clothing!
2. Hang as much of your clothing as possible, that is of course not including sweaters, you don't want those nasty hanger marks in them.
3. Mix and match different textures and fabric
4. purchase quality, timeless pieces that will last a lifetime
5. Remeber FACDEF
Fit - if it doesn't fit right it won't look right
Accessories - A great way to update and accent any simple outfit
Color - must compliment your skin tone and hair color
Detail - Handbags and Shoes, can we really live with out them?
Equal Proportion - the top must flatter the bottom and vice versa
Fabric - pure quality
1. Buy just because it is trendy, or a designer item
2. Match everything
3. Over accessorize
4. Buy the worng size just because you like it
5. forget about beauty hair, make-up, and nails

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