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Red Tag Crazy

By Friday, December 05, 2008

All I know is I die for High End Deals..and I am always desperately searching the web for them! Well, did I find a site right up my ally. It is like Woot.com only for FASHION called http://www.redtagcrazy.com/! It is a shopping site for us ladies looking for designer fashion, and accessories, that are totally markdowns. They have limited quantities, so not everyone will have the same thing on. Best part is there is no membership required to join.
So this is how it works: they sells one item from one fashion label at a time, at deep discounts around 50-80%, and each item only last a few minutes. I know, only a few minutes makes you want to rush over right now to make sure you don't miss out! Here is another cool part of the site, at the checkout page, they give you a choice "I want my stuff!" (Ship items now), or "I want to buy more" (Hold items in cart). After paying the original shipping for the first purchase, each additional purchase is only $0.99 to ship, all sites should do this..lol. Ok so they serious thought of everything, there are Alerts available to like a Firefox Add-on and iPhone App. so you stay on top of each new item before it sells out!
Very Fabulous..

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