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Mac feature's Hello Kitty for Spring 09'

By Friday, January 09, 2009 , ,

The little cat like creature Hello Kitty always seems to pop up on different brand lines, now it is testing out beauty. The Estee Lauder Brand Mac has the new line of Hello Kitty Cosmetics set to hit stores in February. Mac has always been a big fan of pop culture so Hello Kitty is a natural fit!! The brand Hello Kitty has never been featured on a make-up or cosmetic brand before, so it will delight all the already fans of the infamous brand.

If you don’t already know the story behind this 34 year old brand, the company mentioned the character is actually a girl, without a mouth, so she “speaks from the heart” the company said. This sweet little personality totally embodies the glamour of a beauty brand. Hello Kitty has captivated the hearts of women alike all over the world, and if you haven’t feel for the cute line yet, you will soon.

As for the make-up, the palette’s start with pinks for spring, and a choice of two eye shadow quads one called “The Lucky Tom” that includes hues of violet blue, brown, gold and pink corals, and the other “Too Dolly” with more girly colors like mint, blue-silver, pale pink, and magenta shades. Don’t forget the glittering eyeliner; things that sparkle are always a plus. As for the essentials, Mac chose a pretty pop of pink for blush, and six, yes six shades of fashionable lip colors, lip glass, and 2 lip conditioners. To finish the line off Mac added 3 shades of nail polish, mascara, and false eye-lashes (love that)!

This line is truly pleasing to the eyes, with 2 options Hello Kitty Colour and Hello Kitty Kouture; so seriously everyone can get their hands on the brand. As if that was all, there are 2 cute make-up bags to carry the cosmetics in a petite one, and medium size one, a purse mirror and brushes. To top it off you can buy a plush Hello Kitty Doll for $42, ok that may have taken it to the next level, but still for the lovers of this brand like Mariah Carey, I’m sure they will be the first ones to get their hands on this stuffed animal. All the big department stores like Bloomies, Nordstrom’s, and Macy’s will be carry the line, and if you are an online shopper like me, you can surely find it at Maccosmetics.com. Happy Shopping!!

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