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Shoppers Delight Marshall's CUBE

By Saturday, January 03, 2009 , , , , , , , , , , ,

Ok so if you haven't been yet, you are absolutely missing out on one of the newest, trendy places to shop for the best designers at a major discount. I went a few days ago and OMG, I almost died, I didn't know what to buy first! Of course since shoes are my ultimate downfall, I just had to buy a pair, but then I saw a bag and was like ok this is a must have too.. I walked out with a few bags in hand..but hey ya got to treat yourself, like my sister says.."you only live once" Anyway, I had to inform my fashionista's out there, to find a Marshall's Cube, it has a fab boutique atmosphere too, so you don't feel like your totally shopping in a huge department store! Here is a quick link to to help you find one...http://www.marshallsonline.com/cube.asp

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