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Amanda Dolan "Heart Attack" Opening

By Monday, March 09, 2009 , , , ,

I attended a fabulous art opening this weekend by Amanda Dolan called "Heart Attack". Here creative art work was right up my alley with brushes of bright pinks, sweet heart designs, and of course glitter! She is a mixed media artist who totally captures the inside of a woman's heart and mind. As I walked through the Ward Nasse Gallery, I was absolutely inspired by all of her works, and just as I finished an adorable mini hot pink icing cupcake,
I spotted the designer and knew it was her from the glittering eyes, big bold baubles of bangles and rings, and pretty pink highlights of hair. Amanda is definitely a new artist on my radar, I am thinking I need one of her vibrant girly pieces in my store asap..I mean it really would be a perfect fit. Look here at the glam event.. http://pa.photoshelter.com/img-show/I0000vsTeYIld_RQ

P.S. I'm in pic and 0043 & 0046 ;-)

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