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By Wednesday, April 01, 2009 , ,

This super fabulous twin set has designed love pairs of gorgeous wedding shoes, perfect for a true fashionista! They are a must see!

Always known as the Leung Twins, it all began with a series of not so well-heeled events, then Jessica’s (First) Big Day- the perfect hair, perfect dress, and not so perfect shoes. Former fashion exec Jessica refused to wear something stiff and “dyeable” I refused too. After a year of searching, there were no wedding shoes that didn’t remind her of puffed taffeta and polyester suits. She vowed never to settle again, through sickness and health, ‘til death do they part.
And then finally came a sign from shoe heaven. What were they thinking that would change bridal options as we know it? What were they both thinking at the exact same time? “There needs to be an anti-dyeable, actually-danceable wedding shoe.”
Why can’t we have it all? Looking great and feeling even better- what a truly fabulous, functional shoe should do. The twins believe in pro-choice, the choice to have a killer shoe that isn’t a killer shoe. And thus the perfect pair was born.


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