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9 Tips How To to Wear Leggings...

By Tuesday, June 09, 2009 , , ,

So since a popular question I get is.. " I love the way leggings look but how can I wear them?" Ok a few tips for my stylish ladies..

1.Totally try the new color hues of leggings, like deep purples, greens, and yellows, they look great paired with “boyfriend” style t-shirts a fitted blazer(like Olivia Palermo from “The City”) and a bold chunky bib necklace.
2. Look for very opaque leggings, any that are too sheer will look like you cut the feet off of pant hose..not a good look.
3. Sport your leggings as gym gear, this way you can slip out of your sneakers and into a cute pair of flats and tunic top and you look put together in a instant.

4. Pick up a seriously stylish pair of shiny sleek “wet look” leggings, they absolutely up the fashionista style and there are tons choices from shark-skin to leather like.
5. Tattoo style prints are showing up everywhere including the runway, look for an ankle length pair and pop on a pair of your Chirstian Louboutin’s, and White tank.
6. Test out the celebrity style cut out leggings, just make sure you stick to black and don’t overdo it on the top keep it simple.
7. Make sure you pick up a pair that are ankle length, anything above the calf can look a little to ballet dancer and less chic and stylish.

8. Designers like Alice + Olivia are rocking the denim look legging perfect for a breezy summer night with a flirty tunic top

9. When in doubt go for your basic black long ankle length legging, they are a “go to” classic staple this season in every closet.

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