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Top 10 "How to Play the Fashion Game" Rules

By Friday, June 19, 2009 , , , , , , ,

1.Don’t Number Crunch – You can find a great piece of clothing at any price; it doesn’t have to have a designer price tag to look good. How you put pieces together is the real trick.

2.Have Confidence- A little poise goes along way, if you feel fabulous, you will look fabulous.

3.No Matchy-Matchy- Your shoes, bags, and belts don’t have to match each other, trying mixing it up black and brown work wonders together when done right.

4.Just Say No to Panty Hose- unless they are a great pair of opaque tights, the nude panty hose have to go, try wearing a bronzer over freshly shaved legs to get an up to date look, and please do not wear them with open toe shoes!

5.Mix and Match- Try adding different textures leather with soft cottons, floral prints with stripes, stay in the same color hue and you will pull it off perfectly.

6.Strut Your Stuff- Tailor your clothing to fit your shape, don’t’ just let pieces hang miscellaneously, have them work with your body not against it.

7. Do White- Whites, creams, beiges are luxurious colors that can be worked into a wardrobe all year round, try white straight leg pants with brown boots in cooler months for a chic look.

8.Take Care of Your Wear- If you are meticulous with your clothing it will show, there are care instruction tags for a reason.

9.Splurge on a Bag- A handbag is the best place to put a little extra cash; it is a piece used every day, and deserves a little more attention.

10.Complete the Look- If you have an amazing dress on or just a basic T and Denim, don’t forget to finish the look, accessorize, including your hair, a touch of mascara, gloss, and a manicure.


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