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360 Fashion Meet-up In NYC

By Wednesday, July 08, 2009 , , , ,

As may or maynot already know fashion 2.0 is taking over the world. I mean litteraly 360fashion.net travelled from China to hold a fabulous meet up here at Collective Hardware in NYC and of course I had to attend. The best part Regina Harris makeup artist for Vogue and Lisa Von Weise stylist for Vogue were there to speak. Along with these wonderful speakers were some great designers show casing their pieces. My favorite Chesley McLaren unbelieveable jackets I'm talking freakin fabulous, like I need one NOW!(I had to post a pic of the jacket!)
Both Lisa and Regina were there to discuss how as a stylist and make-up artist they use this new media to enhance there jobs. With the resources the internet has to offer both have become inspired by this new platform. They explained how it can be used for planning, networking with others in the field and inspirational research. Through facebook, browsing blogs and online "magazines" like style.com they can review past fashion shows, up and coming trends and connect with photographers, editors, and pr firms more quickly than with traditional media.
Dawn Del Russo and Regina Harris

Hosted by Anina of 360Fashion.net she discussed the use of mobile media using the iphone for more fashion apps, which in the future will alow bloggers to be visible to iphone users through a unique iphone magazine. I said, I would love to have My Intimate Affair with Fashion available as a iphone magazine...


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