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Fabulous Celebrity Blogger Micah Jesse

By Tuesday, July 21, 2009 , ,

I seriously can't get enough of celebrity gossip and all the juicy details! So when I came across Micah Jesse on where else...TWITTER.. I just had to check him out! He is a hot new positive voice connecting us directly with celebrity news, sightings, interview and events. He has it all glitz, glam, and connections..and I couldn't help noticing those gorgeous eyelashes either, that girls would die for. I got the lowdown on the star studded, succulent life of Micah Jesse.Name: Micah Jesse

Age: 23 (as of this Sunday!)
Location: New York City (Union Square neighborhood)

DDR: How did you get started as a Celebrity/LifeStyle Blogger?
MJ: Believe it when I say-- I literally fell into it! I didn't know what a blog was, but when my friends found out I was feeding incredible news stories to a certain celebrity blogger (and he was posting it) they forced me to start my own. I never thought it would take off to the point where I am recognized when I walk down the street. Bloggers are the new celebrities!

DDR: What Celeb is on the top of your radar right now?
MJ: I am living for Jill Zarin from The Real Housewives of New York City right now. She is so business-savvy and has really branded herself from the show. She is the brand ambassador right now for Kodak and is penning a book titled "Secrets of a Jewish Mother." What's not to love? I definitely look up to her.

DDR: What question do you love asking celebrities on the red carpet, and how would you answer it?
MJ: I love to be the celebrities open mic. What I mean by that is giving them the opportunity to gab about what they're up to, what project's they are working on, and anything they hope to accomplish. This way, I am not being intrusive but I am giving them an open opportunity to dish the real deal. I sway towards positive news rather than the negative. The negative news just isn't my thing!

DDR: What designer do you love to rock for star studded events?
MJ: I absolutely love rocking Shane&Shawn (http://www.shaneandshawn.com/) shoes to every event. Depending on the event, I love Evisu (http://www.evisu.com/) for more casual events, and for more upscale events I am styled by an amazing stylist named Leo "LV" Velasquez (http://www.evidentfuture.com/) who always puts me in something that turns heads! Be on the lookout for him... and I never leave the house without a Zara Terez (http://www.zaraterez.com/) bag -- her new gun holster bag is a head-turner! I love up-and-coming brands and people -- so if you're a hussler like me and you're making great stuff, I want to rock it!

DDR: What fabulous words of wisdom do you live by?
MJ: Live by the mantra "Short term pain, for long-term gain." I think this rings true in my life (and in many people's lives) because if you stay positive, your dreams can come true in the end. It just may not happen over night.

DDR: I know I said I only have 5 quick questions but... I actually have one more question.. Are you a "tweeter" who is your fav to follow and... hit us up with how to follow you?
MJ: I am addicted to Twitter! My favorite person to follow is Tila Tequila -- she is so rowdy! She takes her Blackberry in the shower with her so she can Twitter and she never sleeps. She's a true Twitrockstar. You can follow the life and times of Micah Jesse by going to http://www.twitter.com/MicahJesse or @MicahJesse.

For your daily dose of celebrity new check out his site http://www.micahjesse.com/ and for more fun in this social savvy online world he is on youtube detailing his fab life.
#1 photo credit: John F. McCarthy
#3 photo credit: Jerritt Clark

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