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The Faucialite Crowd

By Friday, August 14, 2009 , , ,

I watched an old episode of Gossip Girl last night in the wee hours of the morning before I feel asleep, called The Wrath of Con about Serena's breif affair with Grabiel and finding out about his scam with Poppie. Anyway, Chuck who quickly became one of my favorites mentions Poppie being a Faucialite. A girl in NYC with rich friends, invites to fabulous parties, designers who let her borrow clothes and attending a Mercedes Launch Party...the Faucialite's ball. It got me thinking about how may of these girls are circulating around the city, they want to be socialites, trying deseperately to get into the pockets of a weathy older man. it makes me wonder why they are not more recognized, why so many real authentic socialites don't realize these faux's are floating around. Then again maybe they do realize but it doens't much matter. Makes me want to tell faucialites to be more authentic, make it on your own, find a passion and go for it, this way when you get to the top, and people admire you, they can admire you for all the right things not all the wrong..

just a thought..on another note can't wait for new episodes :-)


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