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Green Wedding Fashion Tips

By Thursday, August 13, 2009

  • Go vintage it is super stylish and the prices won’t break the bank, plus you will have a truly unique wedding dress
  • Everyday new online shops are popping up selling pre-owned wedding gowns, and the best part is many of them are couture selling for half the price.
  • Tailor your mom’s wedding dress, with so much material on a wedding dress, it is so simple to bring to a tailor and have it re-cut and designed to match your individual style.

  • If you are buying a new dress look for organic fabrics like cotton, linen and silk, that are eco-friendly.

  • Let your bridesmaids pick the dress they can wear again, just let them know the color hue you like, this way they have a dress that can be worn more than once.
  • Accessorize with a fabulous recycled purse or borrowed jewelry
  • There are tons of dye now that is created with a vegetable base just ask when dying your shoes.
  • If you have to have matching bridesmaids dresses see if part of their gift to you is donating the dress to a charity like Glass Slipper Project after the event.
  • Look for diamonds certified as "conflict-free" mined in Canada and Australia


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