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Keep Dry in the Winter and Look Fab

By Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top 5 Tips to Keep dry this winter and look seriously fabulous.

1. Invest in a chic pair if winter boots, so many designers are making stylish boots weather proof, so we can still look glam in the cool temps.

2. Carry an umbrella, there are really cute plastic see thru ones that cover everything and everyone can still see your stylish self.

3. Designers like Coach and Burberry are known for their trench coats, they are super chic and insulated to keep the rain out and the warm in.

4. Wear a hat, here is your chance to totally rock the cute hat you thought you had no where to wear, if your head is warm and dry they rest of you will be.

5. The number one way to NOT look stylish in wet winter weather is to have your jeans dragging in the puddles, try a skinny pair that can be tucked into knee high boots or thick leggings.


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