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I Want to be Her..

By Thursday, February 03, 2011

IWTBH LogoI had seen this site a few weeks ago and thought it was super cute, but didn't have a chance to "flip" through it.  This morning i was driving into work and had Cosmo Radio on, Taylor from "Wake-up with Taylor" was talking about a site she was going to be featured on, when she said "I want to be her", I thought, I just heard about this site.  So today I decided it was time for a second look, and the idea is perfection, who doesn't look at another girl on the street and say " I want to look like her, or be like her."  It  was created by the creative director of e-bay fashion Andrea Linett. Will most definitely be checking back to see the latest styles..now if they could only link to stores to shop.. :)

Lauren PR Director 
Fred Segal Girl 

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