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Top 5 Make-up Don'ts

By Tuesday, August 16, 2011 , ,

Working in fashion, beauty always plays a big role.  If make-up and hair don't look good the outfit will fall short. So there are a few quick beauty DON'Ts to remember NOT to do.. so you look as chic as the clothes your wearing.

  1. Too heavy, dark foundation - take the extra time to visit a make-up counter and find your shade...think one for summer.. one for winter and please blend well.   I use Chanel Vitalumiere so sheer, light and smells divine. 
  2. Strong Lip Liner - Find a color that matches your lips, and mix well with your favorite lip stick or gloss. Bobbi Brown is know for ultra natural make-up and ideal for a simple lip. 
  3. Un-kept brows - pick one, wax, thread, tweeze, or sugar to maintain clean brows.. they open-up your whole face.  Anastasia is my fav go to at home..quick fix eye brow kit. 
  4. Dry flaky skin- moisturizing is key to glowing skin, make sure it has spf too.  I heart Chanel in clothing and beauty. 
  5. Overdone Smoky Eyes - Keep it light, think more glow less smoke. Clairin's makes the most lovely eye palette. 


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