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5 Tips to Stop Denim Fading

By Sunday, September 18, 2011 , , , , , , ,

If you are like me, I pretty much only wear dark denim, like super dark, so fading at all.  The hardest part is keeping the denim dark after washing a few times, one of the oldest tricks is washing them inside out in cold water, but here are a few more tips that will keep your darks.. dark.

1. A no brainer when it comes to laundry wash your darks with other darks.
2. Don't over dry your clothing, keeping them in the dryer on high heat will fade darks quickly.
3. Add a 1-2tsp of white vinegar to the was, helps hold the color, don't worry about the smell it fades by the end of the cycle. Tip add fabric softener to keep the smell fresh.
4. Use a dark wash liquid detergent, this specially formulated soap will keep your dark colors looking new.
5.  When is doubt dry clean, safer and less harsh on quality clothing.


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