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5 Eco-Chic Ways to Clean Up Your Closet

By Tuesday, January 10, 2012 ,

1.      Restore & Revamp
·         Tailor your clothes, all the skirts pants and tops that don’t fit quit right might just need a little fixing, and this is way less expensive than buying a whole new wardrobe. Remember you can also completely change the look of a garment make a pair of boot cut jeans into skinny jeans, crop a jacket, and turn a long sleeve into a short or sleeveless top.
·         Bring scuffed, stretched, and broken heeled shoes to shoe repair, they can make most pairs look like new, even add a new sole for only few pretty pennies
·         Totally DIY with your T’s adding bows, pretty stitching, if you are not to crafty try online for instructions.
2.      Make the Switch
·         Have a friendly swap party with your friends, your friends always have something you like that doesn’t work for them.  There are online sites too like Swap Style to trade clothes.
3.      Easy Sell
·         Why not make a few extra dollars out for the deal, ebay is fabulous for selling your old lightly worn clothing, shoes, jewelry, and handbags or try shopedropoff.com for luxury items.  Look out for consignment shops in your area, always looking for a bargain item. 

4.      Make a contribution
·         Good Deeds always feel good, thee are tons of place to donate old clothing to like Dress for Success and Soles for Soles. Homeless shelters are also a good place to start since they can always use donations.  If not try Freecycle.com.

5.      Reinvent the Same Old
·           Turn old t-shirts into dust clothes, old necklace chains can be turned into bracelets, and buttons from tops can add interest to tops with none. Even wire hangers can be brought to a local dry cleans for recycling.

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