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Fashion Tips for Petite Women

By Monday, January 09, 2012 ,

Since I often get asked, how petite women can dress in trendy styles but still fit their body, I put together a few of my tips.
  • When doing a floral print, try to incorporate the trend by pairing it with a neutral skirt, rather than an all over style
  • Don't wear items with writing on it, can look very young.
  • Choose shoes with a heel to add high and lengthen a shorter frame
  • Don't go too short on the skirts, fastest way to look too young
  • If you find a style you love not in your size have it altered to fit your shape perfectly.
  • Although cropped tops are in style, pair one with a tank underneath and high waisted skirt, 20's+ don't need to show too much skin
  • Don't wear too many colors at once, try solids and wear a belt to make it pop.
  • Choose prints that are in proportion to your shape
  • Avoid ankle strap shoes, will make you look shorter and can have that baby doll look


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