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Sweet Fashion with Rachel Antonoff

By Monday, February 27, 2012 ,

It was truly a pleasure to attend the Rachel Antonoff's Fall 2012 Collection. It was presented at Drive In Studios in the heart of Chelsea, New York. Here the designer showed her ready to wear designs which included embroidered and sheer tops, separates, peter panned collared dresses and even sweatshirts. There was a variety of youthful, sweet silhouettes adorned with manicures that complimented some of the clothing patterns. This was a delightful collection with pretty young models that were part of an nocturnal sailing theme. While the hair was pulled back in buns, it helped to enhance the beautiful sof and dewy makeup with enhancement in the eyes. There was plenty of creativity and imagination in this presentation all around.

 Photos credit: Jose Cartagena of JLCFlix Photography

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