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Hogan {Sneakers}

By Sunday, June 30, 2013 , , , , , , , , , ,

So we all know I am not one to rush out and buy a pair of sneakers.  The only time you will see them on me is for the gym. While in Italy I spotted so many Italian girls and guys with these sneakers on, with an "H" logo on the side. Being an inquisitive fashion lover I had to ask what they were. I was in a little shop and decided to ask the super pretty girl working there, who her sneakers were by, she said in a sweet accent Hogan. I did a quick search on my phone only to discover they are not so easy to find in the US. I didn't purchase a pair but did a little research to find out where they can be found in the US. Yoox(I should have know)  and Giglio has them and some cut styles at that. Although I most likely won't but they for a day at work, but a fancy pair of sneakers for they gym maybe just what I need.


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