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Hollywood Award Then and Now

By Monday, February 17, 2014

The red carpet is great for trying to pick out future fashion trends, and a number of budget clothing manufacturers will examine Internet buzz to see just what the hottest look is, and can often have a version of the dress ready for sale less than 24 hours afterwards.
Styling and accessories also often come under close scrutiny during the red carpet walk, and yes, some looks work far better than others. So what are some of the hottest red carpet looks that you can easily make your own?
Then Vs. Now
As we move into the middle of the 2010’s, it’s as though the last couple of decades have been removed from red carpet fashion history. The “look at me” nature of Elizabeth Hurley’s black safety pin dress and Jennifer Lopez’s green dress that showed off a surprising amount of her “golden globes” seem to have been banished to the past (and incidentally- both of these infamous dresses were designed by Versace).
Up and coming actresses such as Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave) and Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) opted for simple, elegant designs, and in the case of Ms Nyong’o, this was a simple block of stunning color.
Goodbye to Bling
It seems that celebrity stylists have been reminding their clients that they might like to look at photos of themselves without dying of embarrassment over their choices in clothing and grooming, and so hair and jewelry tends to have a more naturalistic, minimalist look.
Rather than making a bold “bling” type of statement, jewelry and accessories are being worn in muted colors, such as amber and pink. TV star Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) opted for pink jewelry accentuated with pearls, which worked really well with her dark hair.
The So-Called Worst Dressed List
There’s an element of extreme nastiness when it comes to the inevitable “worst dressed” lists that pop up after every major awards ceremony, since, if the actress (and in 99.9% of cases, it’s only women who appear) is happy and comfortable with the way she looks, then should anyone judge her? Many worst dressed looks simply make the list because a fashion editor didn’t happen to like the dress in question, but there were a few “worst dressed” fashion trends.
As with most years, the fashion jury is firmly divided on the issue of metallic hued dresses, and it’s true- it doesn’t work with all complexions. Although if it’s a look you love, then you should embrace it!
Only the most dedicated fashion aficionados will actually watch an awards ceremony and take notes about the looks they’d like to copy, and often it’s easier to just think, “Hmmm- I like how that looks,” and wait for the look to filter its way down to you.

After all, as Meryl Streep pointed out in The Devil Wears Prada, some form of high fashion will eventually make its way to you- one way or another.
 Guest Post By: Lindsey McMahon

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