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Live Generously {Global Giving}

By Sunday, June 15, 2014 , , ,

I have always had a strong desire to give back. A memory I have from growing up is at Christmas time when my parents watch us open all of our gifts. When we finished and my sister and I were excited to play, they stopped us for a moment and said pick your favorite. We quickly found what we loved most, mine a Barbie doll of course. Then told us,  "ok now we are going to donate this to another little girl so she will have a gift too." As kids a slight disappointment came over us, but then a realization of how happy someone else would be, that made us smile. This moment and many others continued to have a huge influenced on my life.

I am excited to announce I have been selected to become a Global Giving ambassador which gives me a similar feeling of joy. I love that there are so many option to donate from local opportunities like providing low income kids with new technology to donating to helping women in India improve their small business. I am inspired every day to live generously through simple acts of kindness, donating clothing to a local shelter, and globally by build schools. I am over joyed to spread knowledge about Global Giving and my wish is it will inspire you too.  How do you live generously, I'd love to hear your stories. 

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