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{How To} Keep Your Denim Dark

By Wednesday, April 15, 2015 ,

I love a good pair of dark wash denim jeans.  They are practically all I wear. Keeping them the same color as when I purchased them is another story. I have worked long and hard to find the best ways to keep them as dark as the original without my hands still turning blue while wearing them. 
  • Turn your denim inside out, and only wash denim in the load, no other clothing 
  • Use cold water on a gentle wash cycle add mild detergent plus 1tsp white vinegar per pair of denim in wash
  • Vinegar helps set the dye, is a natural cleaning agent and odor remover
  • Also try a specialized detergent for darks
  • Add fabric softener for fresh smell and to soften clothing
  • Lay out until partially dry then on low heat, do not over dry will fade color
  • Wear denim 3 times before washing again
Hope these tips help. 


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