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Self Twirling T3 Styling Iron

By Tuesday, May 26, 2015 , , , ,

I curl my hair at least a few times a week depending on how I feel or if I want to switch up my look. I have definitely tried every type of curling iron from super skinny to a twisted barrel.  Never have I tried one that twirls on it's own by sensing your hand movement. I had to give the T3 Twirl Styling Iron a try, plus I fell for the white and rose gold look of it.  I had to get use to it at first. When I did get the hang of it, I felt like my usual 20 minute curling time was cut in half. I had bouncy silky curls that looked effortless.

I gave it a try on my sister, to see what she thought. Literally in minutes she had soft curls.  You can see just how pretty the curls are here.


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